Solopreneurs – individual entrepreneurs, in business for themselves – face unique challenges in creating and growing their companies.

Some of the questions solopreneurs need to ask themselves include:

  • How do I define success in my business, and how can I best achieve this?
  • Do I have a clear business plan in place?
  • How can I make the best use of my time, so that I’m actively moving toward my goals and not just spinning my wheels?
  • How should I organize my marketing efforts so that I’m reaching the right potential clients?
  • What outside help might I need, and how can I find it?

I can help you address each of these questions,
as we put together specific steps to move your business forward.

I work with small business owners both individually and in groups, through classes, workshops and teleclasses. I give presentations to networking organizations, professional associations and other groups of entrepreneurs.