Mar 01

Quality Time

Welcome to the re-launch of my blog for moms!  Each week I’ll post a new blog, along with a related assignment. 

I picked this as the first topic because many moms find quality time to be a challenge – both making it, and figuring out what it consists of.

So, to start with, what is quality time for you?  What things do you do with your child that give you the most satisfaction?  When do you feel especially connected to him or her?  It’s important to be clear about what quality time is for you and your child, so you can decide whether you have enough of it or not.  For a lot of moms, reading together, getting on the floor and playing, or doing an activity together are clear examples.  The key ingredient is uninterrupted time during which your child has your complete focus; this is what sets quality time apart from the rest of your interactions.

But don’t confuse a large quantity of time with quality time.  You can have days where you spend every waking minute with your child, but that doesn’t mean that your interactions will automatically bring you fulfillment.  Some moms are great at building quality time into the chores and errands – folding laundry together, say, or making a game of trips to the grocery store – so for them, this IS quality time.  Each mom and child pairing is different, so you have to think about what works best for you.

Once you’re clear about what counts as quality time for you, how much do you need?  The answer is twofold; you need enough time to make you feel really good about your connection to your child, and you need the time to be limited enough that you can give your full attention to your child during this time.  We moms are busy – spending an hour per day completely focused on each child isn’t realistic for many moms, even though this sounds like an admirable goal.  Instead, we need to do what we can; for many moms, starting with even 15 minutes of genuine quality time, a few days a week, makes a world of difference.  Most moms can find an extra 15 minutes here and there, and the payoff for making this commitment is extraordinary.

Your assignment:  Find ways to build a little more quality time into your schedule over the next week.  If this is a new undertaking, aim for two or three 15-minute blocks.  If you already set aside quality time, look for ways to add in a few extra minutes, or consider a new activity to try with your child.

Ready to take the assignment?  Want to talk about this?  Please share your ideas and thoughts

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